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Every last day of the month, everything will be canceled


Castle Siege (2 days 2 hours 1 minutes 3 seconds )

Hello All Extazies have done one new update.
From now on,all players have made 0 resets and have changed server ratings from now to 5000x and make a reset limit of 20 resets and +5 a month.
This is the news for this generation waiting for other news.
Sincerely, Extazy-Mu Administrator

May 5, 2019, 8:47 am


Welcome To Extazy-Mu Season 3 !

Are you looking for new mu online server to have good time and have fun and has most stable version? This is for you!
Extazy-Mu is for you! Server is based on maximum experience: 5000x regular.Reset level: 400 and vips 350.Events and bosses spawns are every 30 minutes,which means you will have plenty thing to do in extazy-mu!

Basic Infos:
Experience Normal: 5000x
Maximum level: 400
Max option: +28
Item shop on website!
Soul: 100%

Bless: 100%
Life: 100%
Resets: 400 lvl and vips 350 lvl, Stats keep, Max stats: 32767
Grand resets: Every 50 resets, reward 750 Credits and vips 1000 Credits


Drop Item Info:

From Green Chaos Box dropped -  Box of kunduns +5 [5 box].

From Red Chaos Box dropped - Jewel of Guardian and Jewel of Harmony.

From Purple Chaos Box dropped - Lower refining stone and Higher refining stone.

Red Dragon dropped - Excellent items from box of kunduns +4.

White Wizard dropped - Excellent items from box of kunduns +5.

Illusion of kundun boss dropped - Ancient Items.
Erohim boss dropped - Ancient Items.

Guild and Aliance: max 2 guild in aliance, max 32 players in guild, create guild from 400 level
Post commands: from 1lvl, /post
Create all characters from 1lvl (DK,DW,ELF)

Create this class characters need 400lvl (MG,DL)

Our Custom Features:

User panel in website!

Friend System!

Exchange System!

Vip System!
Add Points in game!

Auto Reset System!
Attack Systen!
Class evolution in game need write - /change
Launcher in client
and much more..

March 12, 2019, 8:00 pm

Account Panel


Server Name: EXTAZY-MU
Server Experience: 5000x
Server Drop: 30%
Max Level: 400
Reset Limit: 25 and every month +5
Reset Level: 400/350

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