Castle Siege (2 days 10 minutes 6 seconds )

Hello all Extazy-MU players , we have now added update 1.0 because we change game style!
Open Extazy-Mu Folder and run Launcher[Updater].exe 
New Lorencia,Noria,Devias map style! In Devias add PVP place!

January 25, 2020, 2:20 pm


All Extazy-Mu players are welcome,so after the update,we're sorry to say it took so long.
From now on,you will receive a total of 5000 points and initial statuses of 100.
The players have changed their appearance on the server and I think you will enjoy these decks to choose us.
Wish the Extazy-Mu team a good game!

Hello MU Online Players
Join and enjoy max rate with full working Season6 Episode3 server!
Version: Season 6 Episode 3
Experience: 7000x regular / 5000x master
Maximum Level: 400 regular / 400 master

About Castle Siege:
Castle Siege is every Saturday 7:30-8:30 PM
Please register before 7:30PM

Total Max Stats: 65535 
Spots: In all maps
Mu Helper: Use from level 80
Guilds: Min. level create is 150
Resets: 400 lvl, No stats clear
Max Reset: 999
Max Grand Reset: No limit
Grand Resets: from 200 resets, stats clear get 10k points, reward 2000 Credits

Add points: /addstr,/addagi,/addvit,/addene,/addcmd
Clear Pk: /pkclear
Guild war declare: /war
Reset ingame: /reset
Bless Bug: ON
Potion Bug: ON
Monster HP: 100%
Required level for class: MG 1 lvl, DL 1 lvl, RF 1 lvl
Fully Working Rage Fighter: ON
Auto Reconnect System: ON
Gens System: ON
Master Skill Tree: ON
Bonus Event: ON(Bonus EXP 2 times per day)
Cash Shop 'X': ON
Extra Exp: ON
And More
Reset Stats: ON
Reset Master Skill Tree: ON (/mreset)
Exchange Online Hours To Coins: ON
Exchange Coins To Gold Coins: ON
Clear Inventory: ON (/clearinv)
Vote Reward System: ON (vote every 12h & received credits)
Market System: ON
Webshop System: ON
----->Item Level +15 in Webshop: ON
----->3rd Lvl Wings in Webshop: ON


October 26, 2019, 7:27 pm