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Hello MU-HARD Online players, new 100x | 120x low rate

Join and enjoy low rate with full working Season 6 Episode 3 server!

Experience Type: EXP Dynamic

Version: Full Season 6 Episode 3

Experience Free Accounts: 100x

Experience Platinum Accounts: 120x

Master Experience Free Accounts: 10x

Master Experience Platinum Accounts: 20x

Drops Free Accounts: 60%

Drops Platinum Accounts: 70%

Maximum Level: 400

Dynamic Resets System: Every Weekend added +5

Reset Limit: 5

Total Max Resets: 100

Total stats: 32.000

Spots: In all maps

Guilds: minimum level create is 150

» X Shop - ON

» Reset Reward free Accounts: 2 WC/WP/GP

» Reset Reward Platinum Accounts: 4 WC/WP/GP

» Required Resets and Level for BK: 1Lvl

» Required Resets and Level for SM: 1 Lvl

» Required Resets and Level for ELF: 1 Lvl

» Required Resets and Level for MG: 1 Lvl

» Required Resets and Level for DL: 1 Lvl

» Required Resets and Level for SUM: 2 Resets 1 Lvl

» Required Resets and Level for RF: 5 Resets 1 Lvl

» Reset from server: /reset

» Add points: /addstr,/addagi,/addvit,/addene,/addcmd

» Clear Pk: /pkclear

» Guild war declare: /war

» Bless Bug: /money command

» Auto Reconnect System: ON

» Bonus Event: ON (Bonus EXP 2 times per day)

» Cash Shop 'X': ON

» Clear Inventory: ON

» Vote Reward System: ON (vote every 12h and collect FREE WC)

» And More

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Server Info

VersionSeason 6 Episode 3
Experience100x | 120x
Drop60% | 70%
Total Accounts1
Total Characters2
Total Guilds1
Online Users0

Castle Siege

Castle Owner

Guild Master
Guild Registration Period

Castle Siege Battle
6 days 12 hours

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